Real Estate Consulting and Planning


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I. Urban Land Management

  • Management planning, partial planning, detailed studies.
  • Urbanization projects, land subdivision, establishment of compensation boards and their secretaryship, basis and statutes.
  • Negotiation with public agencies.
  • Contestation of urban planning instruments via administrative litigation.
  • Administrative procedures of urban regularization.


II. Management of property developments

  • Technical, legal and economic study of the feasibility of the investment.
  • Prevision of Cash-Flow. Management of the funds.
  • Development of a functional organization chart.
  • Due diligence of ongoing projects.
  • Risk analysis.
  • Management of recruitments.
  • Project elaboration.
  • Engineering.
  • Legal advice.
  • Management of licenses and permits.
  • Elaboration of communication procedures.
  • Stakeholder management.
  • Preparation of budgets.

III. Construction management

  • Planning and control.
  • Preparation of specifications and recruitment procedures.
  • Implementation of the process of the selection of contractors.
  • Elaboration and analysis of comparative tables.
  • EPC contracts: develop and manage turnkey contracts.
  • Management of quality, security and environment.
  • Control of terms and installments.
  • Economic control.
  • Risk management.

IV. Project Monitoring

V. Definition of investment strategies and development

VI. Assistance in the process of acquisition of assets.

  • Legal, financial and urbanistic Due Diligence of the product.
  • Studies of the feasibility of the investment.
  • Design and implementation of commercial investment structures.