Strategic Business Direction


Business Strategic Advice

  • Development and review of integrated business plans.
  • Development of business plan.
  • Management of customer loyalty.
  • Plan to improve service processes.
  • Study of feasibility of new line of business.
  • Study and development of conciliation policies.

Advice to Family Business

  • Diagnosis and reorganization of family assets.
  • Optimization of the structure.
  • Remuneration policy.
  • Policy of incorporation of family members to the business.
  • Governing board.
  • Inheritance law: legal and financial planning.
  • Family protocol and statutes.

Advice in transactions

  • Advice at the various stages of buying and selling businesses, mergers, acquisitions and business alliances.
  • Business assessment.
  • Due diligence of acquisition or sale.
  • Process of integration or scission of business.