Responsibility of construction agents

If something has been made evident by the economic crisis, it is the high exposure to risk by buyers “off plan under construction” when the development efforts have stalled.

In these cases, when the development did not reach completion, or it was completed with serious construction defects, or with legal issues, there had been a transfer of the risk from the developer to the buyer.

Therefore, many expectant buyers during the first ten years of this century continue to be captives of their investment, without being able to get their house or terminate the contract and recover their investment.

Bankruptcy proceedings, insolvency, urban illegalities, etc, make the road to resolution tedious and costly. In many occasions different construction agents

have taken advantage of buyers’ economic and psychological frustrations when they begin the nightmare of legal proceedings to demand accountability.

NEXOR LEGAL makes these highly efficient services available for these frustrated buyers in the claim and resolution of these issues.

The team of lawyers and engineers of NEXOR LEGAL have achieved in recent years extraordinary results for clients who have requested our services, combining extensive experience in managing construction contracts- as Contract Controllers or Project Managers-, with a profound knowledge of the delineation of responsibilities of the different parties in the commercial sector.

The experience and effectiveness achieved by NEXOR LEGAL enables us to propose very reasonable fees for the client.